Intro to TurtleCoin

TurtleCoin Community

TurtleCoin has a dedicated community of users and developers that grows larger every day. As a project, our goal is to educate future users about the software and the concepts we use so that they can make informed decisions as smart users and future voters. We believe that the distance between our least knowledgeable and most knowledgeable user should be very short, and the more people know about how these transactions work, the less likely they’ll be taken advantage of online or in the voting booths.


TurtleCoin Origins

In 2018, TurtleCoin Community won the Crypto Influence Summit Award in Manhattan for “Best Crypto Community”. Two of our users, Rogerrobers and Crappyrules both drove all the way there on 24 hours notice to accept the award. This was possible due to our large and enthusiastic Discord community who arranged the expedition. At the time of this writing, we have just reached 12,000 active users in the chat, and are showing no signs of slowing down. The secret to our growth is word of mouth – a Good Turtle always makes sure to be a good representative of the community when in other chats by being polite, helpful, patient, and gracious.


TurtleCoin users are happy to learn, and happy to share what they know. One thing we like doing is proudly teaching others about development by sharing simple tasks and bounties with the community as an easy way to learn about programming and earn some TRTL in the process. Becoming a TurtleCoin developer is very easy, and any person who submits a code fix, bug patch, or new feature gets the title of Developer. If you are interested in becoming a developer, you can hang out in the #dev_general or #dev_general room in the Discord server, and if you’re ready to get your feet wet with a few challenges, you can see the pinned posts in #bounties.


You can easily identify developers and other important user types in the Discord chat by the color of their names. Here is a quick description of some of the main roles you’ll encounter:

  • Bright Green – Founders, These are people who helped create the TRTL Network
  • Green – Turtle, These are your citizens. These people have been active in the chat for a day or two, and since we know they aren’t a robot, we can include them in tips and raindances.
  • Red – Service Operators, These are people who operate pools, shops, and other services that need to know about critical upgrades.
  • Bright Pink – Developers, This is someone who has submitted code that has been merged into the project.
  • Dark Pink – Contributors, These are people who have written guides or documentation who have not become developer yet. This is a great first step toward joining development.
  • Dark Red – Guest Devs, These are heads of development from other networks. As an open source community, it is important to share our developments and chat channels with those from other networks.
  • Bright Yellow – Testers, These are people who’ve volunteered to test the core builds before they get released.
  • Dark Yellow – Students, You are here! If you’re already in the chat, type *student to give yourself this role, and a new yellow name! This role lets you chat in #edu_general and #edu_help

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