Intro to TurtleCoin

Our Community History

TurtleCoin is an open source project. This means that originally, the code we used to form the network came from another project that published their work with a license that allowed any user to use, share, and modify the underlying code. That means that anybody can use the original code to create their own network, and as they add features to that code, the license says their users get the same privilege. This culture of sharing and freely distributing software helps us spot bugs and improve quickly while attracting collaborators from the outside community.


TurtleCoin was created December 9th, 2017 using Bytecoin’s original software as the base with a tool called ForkNote. Since Bytecoin was produced under an open source license, so is TurtleCoin. TurtleCoin is a great base for other projects, and many projects have been made from TurtleCoin’s software. These other networks are important to us as an open source project because we all work together to fix bugs and add new features.


Another network that based their code on the original Bytecoin code is Monero. When you base your software on another project’s base, that is called a fork, because you’ve now created a new path in the code history.

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