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Getting The Community Recipe Book

Everybody knows the free-pizza-dance

Welcome to the Contest!

Turtle’s Community Pizza is having a contest, and to enter, we have to use Git to submit our entry for next months featured pizza. The winner that is picked gets free pizza for a month! There are many other people entering, so be sure to put your best pizza forward!


Turtle’s Community Recipe Book

So that we can get started, we need to get a copy of the recipe book. We do that with the ‘clone’ command. You’ll notice that all of these Git commands have ‘git’ in front of them, like git help and now git clone.


Clone the recipe book’s repository like this:

git clone

If a folder with some text files appeared when you ran that command, that means it worked! 
If a folder of pizza recipes appeared when you ran the clone command, that means it worked!

In this example, the recipe book is a repository, which is a word we use for the separate projects we manage with Git. Cloning it puts a copy of the recipe book (or repository) on our system where we can edit it and Git will track our changes.


The People Want Pineapples

As many people will tell you, there isn’t much in life that pineapples can’t make better. This recipe is sure to be the winner! We know that we want to use pineapple, and mushrooms, and probably some pepperoni too, so let’s get started making a new recipe, but above all, don’t forget our secret ingredient, pineapple!


If you look inside your folder, you should have several recipes: barbecue-chicken-pizza.txt, spicy-onion-pizza.txt, meat-surprise-pizza.txt, and greys-cauliflower-pizza.txt and maybe a few others. Since this is the best pineapple pizza to bless the scene in the history of forever, we’re going to name our recipe a spicy name and shoot for the stars. I’ve got a good feeling this one might just make it.


Create a file with your own unique* recipe name, and end it with .txt

(if your filename isn’t unique this won’t work in a simple way for this introductory lesson, so make it a good one!)


Inside our new recipe file, we’re going to list a few ingredients. Let’s add pineapples, mushrooms, and of course, dough, sauce, and cheese. Save the file and come back to the terminal. If you don’t have any angry messages waiting in the terminal, you’re ready to continue!



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