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Why do we use Git?

Sometimes people ask how to contribute a correction to one of our wiki articles, or how to help with code stuff. This guide aims to show you a tool we use that coordinates all of these helpers who are working on the same stuff so that they don’t make changes that conflict with each other.

The tool we use to manage all of those contributors editing the wiki at once is called Git, and today we’re going to teach you how to use it. Git is a great tool that lets us save our work as we go; when something breaks, Git lets us roll back our work to the last time it worked and find what broke, which can be very handy.

Class Description

We are going to be putting together a collection of our favorite pizza recipes and managing them with Git so that our friends can share their recipes too! We’re just covering the basic concepts of Git so you can be able to get your pink hat in discord 😀

Class Requirements

This class won’t be using any code or anything special, you can use the TurtleCoin Git Simulator that Sajo8 built for this class. It works just like a real Git system if you had installed it at home. You can still follow along on your own Git system by following the instructions here:


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